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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Say Cheese and Adventure Day 50

Blog Prompt - When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say? So what do you do to get your kids or group of people to say when you are taking their picture?

I usually offer to take pictures of groups of tourists so that everyone can be in the picture. Of course it is nice when someone in the group offers to return the favor. While I am taking the picture, my husband is usually standing behind me making weird gestures around my head which makes everyone laugh.

Travel Notes:

Today was a rainy day and it rained off and on most of the day. We arrived at the Hoover Presidential Library around 10am and toured the museum. It was a pretty good museum and I would recommend it to others. I was surprised how brilliant he was and how many good things he had done in his life time. Whenever I had heard about him, he was always connected with the Great Depression. It doesn’t seem like he was the cause of it but had to deal with the results of the causes.

After lunch, we found some antique stores to investigate and that took a couple of hours. My husband found some more treasures so he was happy. Then we headed down the road towards Springfield, Illinois. We ended up stopping for the night in Lincoln, Illinois.

At least I had time to start knitting my socks in the car. I got the cuff done and I like the way it looks but now the hard part begins. I can only hope that I get home soon so I can meet my knitting group to ask for help!

To see more pictures on Flickr – Click HERE.


Meg said...

I've got to believe that your little Prius is rapidly running out of room with all the antiquing you're doing! It was pretty full when I saw it!

Sounds like you had a good, relaxing day after all of yesterday's craziness. I remain so very envious of this trip you're taking!

Karen (karooch from Scraps of Mind) said...

A friend of mine likes to get people to say something outrageous. That always makes them smile in spite of themselves.

Tink said...

Another hubby who hasn't grown up yet huh?