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Friday, May 08, 2009

Foods and Adventure Day 51

Blog Prompt - List a few types of foods that you have never eaten and would like to try.

I have to admit that I love food and there isn’t any food that I want to try unless I don’t know about it yet. I’ve eaten lots of food that I know I don’t want to try. Sometimes we watch Andrew Zimmerman on the travel channel and I know that I don’t want to try some of the disgusting things he eats. When he can’t eat something, I know it must be pretty bad! I think I’m a pretty picky eater but my husband is more adventurous than I am. He will try practically anything at least once. If I don’t like the looks, smells, or expressions on other people’s faces, I’m not eating it!

Travel Notes:

We headed towards Springfield, IL this morning and went to the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. I really was surprised how technology advanced this museum was. We went to two shows that used special effects and technology which really enthralled the audience. Since there were school groups in the theater, I was able to see how fascinated they were by the show. One show explained the importance of a presidential library and I thought it was explained in a very interesting way. Many of the exhibits were life sized which really help put scenes in perspective. Lots of exhibits involved action and sound which kept my attention. This was actually one of my favorite libraries that we have visited.

After leaving the library we headed towards Kentucky but hit lots of traffic and rain along the way. I’m ready for sun, warmth, and home, I think. Not sure when we will be home, but it is nice to be closer.

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Tink said...

I am so with you on some of the exotic foods that appear on the travel and discover channels. :)