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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

School Nurse and Adventure Day 49

Blog Prompt - Today is National School Nurse Day. Do you remember your school nurse and do you have a story about her.

We had a wonderful motherly school nurse at the high school where I taught. She was very motherly and nurturing which is why I talked to her every day. It was about that time that my father was dating and I was glad see him happy and recovering from my mother’s death. When I called him and his girlfriend, I suggested that they move in together instead of paying for two separate homes. Instead of agreeing, they said that they wanted to talk to me and my sister in person to make an announcement. Of course, the first thing I thought of, since I taught high school, I immediately thought of pregnancy. I rushed to the school nurse to talk to her about it and she almost rolled on the ground laughing. You see, my dad was almost 70 and his girlfriend (now my step mom) was 65! She told me that I had nothing to worry about and to calm down. That summer, they announced that they were getting married in December.

Travel Notes:

Today was an okay day. We drove to the Strategic Air and Space Museum which was nice. While we were there, it thundered and lightning which scares me. When we left, the sun had come out. We headed east on I-80 and stopped in a little town called Walnut, Iowa which had a bunch of antique stores. Don enjoyed going to a lot of them and he found old postcards to buy. When we left there we headed towards Des Moines for the night since it was getting so late.

After getting a hotel room, we looked for a Walmart to get our oil changed on the car. Usually we have no problems with Walmart so felt confident that we would have no problems. It started out bad when the guy didn’t speak English and I had to take his little machine and fill out the information myself. Then he couldn’t start my car or find the odometer. He wanted to start pressing all the buttons he could find to try to read the odometer and I practically had to yell at him to stop. Then he wanted to know what oil he should put in etc. and we got such a bad feeling about the situation that we decided to cancel the request and leave.

Then I decided I wanted to go to PFChang for dinner since it was on the map that the hotel gave us. Unfortunately I am directionally challenged and it took us forever to find the restaurant. While we were there, a huge lightning and thunderstorm occurred. Of course going through 2 in one day was not the best feeling.

When we returned to the hotel, I found a guest laundry and it took forever to wash two loads of wash. They only had one washer and dryer so I was in and out of the room a bunch of times. Now I’m pooped!

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