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Monday, July 24, 2006

Survivor Show

Blog Prompt: Do you think you could ever be on the TV reality show, Survivor? If so-why? What do you think would be your weakness's, strengths? If not-why?

No, I could never be on the Survivor Show. First of all, the idea of being on TV makes me break out into a rash! I couldn't stand it and would probably pass out in fright. Second and most important of all, I'm not a risk taker. I don't care how much money they offered me, I would not do well under pressure like that. I would want all of us to work together (that's the teacher in me!) so I guess that pretty well sums it up in a nutshell!


Lani said...

im not much of a risk taker myself! I dont think they get alot of money out of it anyway - unless they win of course! And there would be no chance of me winning!i'd be useless at stabbing people in the back!

heather said...

I'm sure your communication skills would help you enormously Loony! Perhaps a few non risktakers could form an alliance and get to the final 3!!

Karen said...

I think being marooned with the kind of people who go on those shows would probably bring out homicidal tentencies you never knew you had. ...Maybe that would spawn another reality TV show.

faery-wings said...

LOL! Being an old PreK teacher too, teamwork and honesty and no tattling are second nature to me. I wouldn't last a day!