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Saturday, July 08, 2006

My Computer Space

On an earlier blog and in my scrapbook gallery, I posted a picture of my computer space so here it is again in case you missed it:

I like to watch the birds come to my water garden for a drink while I'm on the computer. In this room is my treadmill, a pool table, and our hot tub. That is why this room is labeled "The Play Room." I like to get on the computer after I have walked on the treadmill and before the sun comes up. Once the sun comes up, I have to go out and garden until I get too hot and need a break which is usually in an hour or two. Then I play on the computer some more until I cool off. This little corner is my favorite corner of the room. Thanks for looking!


Bonnie said...

This is a fantastic room! So airy, light, welcoming, and I love those big windows. Thanks for sharing Pat!! It is great.

faery-wings said...

What a gorgeous room. It just flows and breathes with vibrancy. I'd love it too.
Being that you are Chinese, do you use feng shui in any of your decorating? If you do, it shows in this room.