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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Identifying Chip

The Blog prompt for Monday was: If it would be possible to implant some type of chip that would provide identifying information as well as something like a GPS system into a person's body, would you do it? Would you put it into your child when he/she was first born?If you would do it, what type of information would you consider having the chip contain? What could be done to change your mind?If you wouldn't do it, why? What could be done to change your mind?What do you think the ramifications would be for this idea? What negatives and positives would come from it?

No, I would not put a chip into my child at all because I feel that it is a total violation of a person's privacy. I would not want one in me and definitely would not inflict it on my child. Government now is getting to be too much of "Big Brother is Watching" and somehow I see the government finding a way to use this chip for their advantage. I'm not saying my child (or myself) would do something criminal but I could see the government using it for political or social reasons and that scares me. If I was worried about someone taking my child, I would just keep a close watch on my child like I should be doing anyway. We can't live our lives in fear but I think we can keep a watch on our children because we love them and don't want them hurt in any way. As they grow, we teach them rules of society, manners, and values. So when they are away from us, we need to trust them and allow them to grow. With a chip in them, I think this will hinder their growth and not teach them to be independent or think for themselves because they will know we are always watching.

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