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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Speaking Voice vs. My Writing Voice

I pretty much write like I speak. Of course, it might come from being a teacher and modeling so much for my students. But, I usually write like I speak. And sometimes when I'm with my husband, we tend to mimic phrases from other people that get on our nerves. Some friends of ours always say "All set?" and it constantly gets on my nerves. It is not the actual phrase but the tone and the persistence when they use it. Another is the word, "Duh!" when I want to mimic my students (oh c'mon, teachers need their little thrills too!). The only other phrase I can think that I use is "Knock on wood!" when I'm afraid I've pressed my luck and don't want bad luck to happen to me. But the best thing about writing is the ability to edit. Sometimes my fingers don't work as fast as my brain and I leave out letters or what I write doesn't make any sense so I'm able to correct what I have written.

Now when I talk, I'm always saying the wrong thing. If someone needs sympathy because of death or illness or an accident, I always feel like giggling. It is not because I find anything funny but because I'm so nervous. I always tell my friends ahead of time that if we find ourselves in this kind of situation, I want to apologize in advance. I never know the right things to say and usually say the wrong things. My other favorite saying is "The only time I open my mouth is to change feet!"


Tink said...

Oh not boring at all. You would be surprise at how many you use that you didn't think about. Mom finally had to call me back about something else before we realized which phrases I use alot. BTW you really don't want to know how Indiana got the nickname Turdbutt, LOL.

glynis said...

Hee hee! I get a kick out of your phrases, Pat. I'd love to hear you say 'Duh!'

debra said...

That's a good idea apologizing beforehand... I think I'll try that next time because I always feel like I never say the right thing either in those situations.

Bonnie said...

I like that :"The only time I open my mouth is to change feet!" I feel like that a lot of the time too! And you write very nicely and so I could imagine you are nice to listen to verbally too! I also never know what to say when someone has lost someone in death etc, I just give a hug and hope that says it all, cos after all in a situation like that, words mean nothing anyway.

faery-wings said...

I say Duh to my kids all the time. :)
And yes, I KWYM about changing feet

Stacey said...

I tend to giggle at inappropriate moments too. I think I will start apologizing ahead of time as well.