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Friday, July 07, 2006

Fairy Tale Character

This is almost embarrassing but I will do my best to tell the truth. I always thought when I was that I was Cinderella when I was about 10 years old. Growing up in a Chinese household was different than my friends who weren't Chinese because I felt like my parents were old fashioned and strict. I was also the youngest of 3 girls and pretty spoiled (I know that now, but not then!) My oldest sister was sick with lupus and my middle sister had married and moved away. Of course I was ten years younger than my middle sister so I was almost like an only child. On Saturdays before I could go out and play, I had to make up my bed and clean my room. Then I had to vaccuum and mop the basement floor and dust. Every day after dinner I had to help wash dishes and put them all away before I could play. On weekdays I was expected to practice my accordion and do all my homework in addition to dishes before I could go out to play. Now, my schedule was always opposite the other kids in the neighborhood who seemed to play first before chores so when I was free to play, they were all inside their own homes. This made me pretty lonely and I felt like Cinderella. For a while I had it in my mind that I was an abused child and some day I would be rescued from the government who would punish my parents for child labor (I would pretend I was The Little Princess too)! What an idiot I was back then! Can't you see the government upset because I had chores and homework was enforced! Not to mention the sacrifices that were made to get me accordion lessons! No one said that small children are the smartest in the world!


faery-wings said...

I didn't laugh at all. i thought this was very sweet. I feel the same way - but only as an adult Ha ha ha!! And my kids tell me they are going to call DYFS on me since I make them do chores and summer homework every day (I am such a mean mom!!), so that train of thought still goes on. LOL

heather said...

I can understand why you identified with Cinderella with all those chores to do. You had a fairytale ending though didn't you? You did marry your prince charming and move into a large castle didn't you!!?? (hope you have someone to clean for you!!) LOL

glynis said...

Those of us who had parents that made us do things we didn't want, can now turn around and thank them for making us the people that we are...even if we hated it at the time!

Webfrau said...

I need to show what you've written to my 7yo who accuses me of treating him like a slave because he has had to dry dishes once or twice now that our dishwasher is broken.
Though wait a minute - he's 7 I doubt it'll make any impression at all!!