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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Three Wishes

Blog Prompt: You bump into a genie and she offers to grant you three wishes. What are your wishes and why?

1- I had enough money to go to different schools around the world and talk about using technology tools in the classroom. I would be able to do this for free and all my travel expenses would be paid for.
2- My husband and I could go hiking in Macchu Picchu in Peru.
3- My husband and I could go to Australia and New Zealand.

Original image: 'Make a wish / Pide un deseo' by: Emilio I. Panizo


lis said...

I want a load of money in my account, so I could live off the interest and never work for money again.
A share of the cash I would use to
1) take my mum on a holiday to Iceland, hire two Ponies and ride across the country
2) buy a VERY big, VERY old house with loads of history in it. Get my mum over (and whichever friends want to live with me) and spend my days looking after unwanted animals of all sorts
3) get may, many tattoos!
Aw, and when I kick the bucket, the money we all lived off can go to various charities, one of them has to look after all the animals my mom and I cared for.

Tammy said...

Oh wow!! But I figured your wishes would have to do with traveling.

Tink said...

I want to go with you :)