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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Dark

Blog Prompt: Today is National Face Your Fears Day. What are you most afraid of and why?

I am really afraid of the dark and hate being alone when it gets dark. I don’t like bugs or the thought of bugs crawling on me so I picture them moving around in the dark. I also feel very anxious in complete darkness and I think it is because my cousin used to scare me when I was little about the dark and the boogey man. When we stay in a hotel, I always leave the bathroom light on and shut the door so a little light shines in the room. When we are camping, my husband starts a campfire for me before it gets dark and when I wake up at 5am, I usually sit outside with my flashlight reading until the sun comes up. I loved being in Alaska when it never got dark!

Original image: 'Crescent' by: Hamed Saber

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