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Monday, October 05, 2009

My Office

Blog Prompt: Today is Improve Your Office Day. How would you improve your office?

I would not have to improve my office because I have the perfect office in my own home. My office is in the room we call the “playroom” and I sit beside my hubby as he works on his laptop. We have a printer and a scanner on the table with our laptops. We are both facing the big screen TV and the kitchen is just a few steps away. When we get tired of working, we can get in the hot tub, play pool, or walk on the treadmill. All of these things are in the same room with us. All around us are huge windows to our back yard. I get plenty of natural light from these windows and I have a beautiful scene to look at when I want. On the back deck is my water garden that is frequently visited by lots of birds, squirrels, and even a cat now and then. What more could I want?


Tink said...

I can't think of another thing you would need either. What a great office. :)

Tammy said...

OH man. What a great playroom. I wanna play!!!!!

diane said...

I love the way you've mixed business with pleasure. I can just picture you and Don sharing this space :-)