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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chocolate Valentine Candy

Blog Prompt: Look around the room and pick an object. Describe the object in full detail and explain where it came from.

The first thing I see is a box of chocolate valentine candy. I know you are asking why am I eating valentine candy in the middle of October. It is easy to understand! The reason is that my husband can’t pass up a bargain. On the way to meet my parents in Daytona Beach we passed a Russell Stover outlet store. Anyone knowing my hubby knows that he cannot pass up a Russell Stover outlet store and will practically toss me through the windshield as he brakes abruptly to get off the interstate towards the store.

When we get to the store, there is lots of candy on sale. There are chocolate Easter bunnies as well as valentine candy. We ended up getting four 1 lb. boxes of valentine candy for $9.95 which means each box was only about $2.50. The box is heart shaped and filled with assorted chocolates. The box is almost empty because he has been eating it for the past couple of days. I can’t wait until all the candy is gone because I’m trying to lose some weight and it is really hard when my hubby is eating chocolate beside me.

Yesterday we began working on one of our rental houses that is now empty. We will need to paint 4 bedrooms, 1 living room, and a bathroom. We will have to replace 4 doors because they have split or have holes in them. We prepped the walls and taped down the drop cloths and bought the ceiling paint. We had hoped to start painting but I forgot I had a 2 hour transition coop meeting so we actually didn’t get started on the house until the afternoon. Today we will buy the paint for the walls and start the actual painting. I have a feeling I will be pretty tired by the time we return home.

Original image: 'Happy Valentines Day 2005!' by: John Hritz


Tink said...

I hope my sister doesn't see this. She will be hopping in her car for the nearest Russell Stover store she can find, LOL.

I so need to get my own house painted. Have all the colors picked out in fact. Just need to buy. :) Good luck with your rental.

diane said...

I knew Don & I were kindred spirits: Russell Stover has been my favorite chocolate since I received a giant foil egg filled with RS chocolate eggs one Easter. That's a childhood sensory memory that I've never forgotten!

Good luck with the painting. Now that our kitchen renovation is done, I'm hoping to start on the living room. A tip of the paint brush to you and your hubby.