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Friday, October 09, 2009

Cake Decorating

Blog Prompt: Tomorrow is National Cake Decorating Day. If you had a birthday cake made especially for you, how would you like it to be decorated?

I would definitely want chocolate frosting. I really don’t care how the top looks as long as it doesn’t have candles for every year of my age. If it did, there would be so many holes in the cake that it wouldn’t look good when the candles were taken out. Also, if the candles were lit, it would cause the fire alarm to go off and that would be embarrassing. I don’t usually have cakes for my birthday because I’m not a big cake eater but this past birthday I had 2 birthday cakes on 2 different days and both of them had chocolate frosting. Here is a picture (thanks Diane for the picture!) of one of the cakes being brought to me as the dining room sang happy birthday to me. It was a wonderful birthday!

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Tink said...

Don't you look great? Happy Birthday and glad you got the cake you wanted.