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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Simplify My Life

Blog Prompt: This week is Simplify Your Life Week. What are some ways that you could simplify your life?

I have found that being retired pretty much simplified my life but left me feeling so disorganized that I couldn’t enjoy it. I decided to do certain household chores on certain days of the week. This helped me get them done instead of trying to do all of them at once whenever I got around to them. Another thing I’ve done was plan dinner for the week and grocery shop once a week. This has helped us save tons of money plus I’m not stressing about what we will eat each night. I also garden about an hour each morning and try to do a little bit each day instead of trying to get everything done all at once. I’m starting to see a lot of progress by doing this and I don’t feel miserable when I’m done.


glynis said...

Sounds like a wonderful schedule!!

Dodie said...

Did you find the same "issues" when you were working and summer vacation rolled around?

Every summer I start out with the best intentions: 2 weeks to "play", "spring cleaning" and then a month of playtime. Do I ever accomplish any of it? Yep! The play part.

Now that school starts next week, I find that I am in a funk because some of the housework that I planned didn't get done. But I can take a different look at it because if it DID get done, it would soon be undone. Problem solved.