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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sewing Machine Day

Blog Prompt: Today is Sewing Machine Day. If you could sew, what is something you would love to make or if you already sew, what was your favorite thing you made. Describe it.

My mother sewed all my clothes when I was growing up and even made my wedding gown. I picked out the pattern, material, pearls, lace, and she took it home to FL to put it all together. I never saw my gown until the day before the wedding and had no doubts about how well it would fit. She knew my measurements and everything she made always fit me perfectly. We would go to the store and I would point out things I would like to wear and she would go home and sew them up for me. Of course as a teenager, I never appreciated all that she did and the sacrifices she made for me to have these clothes. I was so selfish that all I could do was resent that I couldn’t have store-bought clothes like my friends. Now I wish I could sew like her. If I could make something, I would make a dress to wear that looked simple but classy. I would like it to be in a pastel color with some black swirl print on it (I’m into swirls lately). I’m so tired of wearing the same old dresses to church but since we retired, it is hard to justify buying new clothes when I really don’t have anywhere to wear them to.

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