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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Romantic Evening

Blog Prompt: Today is Valentino Day. Describe a romantic evening that you would love to have tonight.

My romantic evening would be getting dressed up and going out to dinner somewhere fancy where money was no object. I would get a nice juicy steak and hubby would get some kind of fish for dinner. Both dishes would taste fantastic and the service would be outstanding. We would even splurge for a dessert that is so tasty it melts in your mouth. There would be a candle and dainty flower on the table and soft music would be playing in the background. People would notice that we are so much in love, even at our age and marvel at how long we have been together (26 years). When it comes time to pay the bill, we find out that someone has already paid in as a tribute to our happy marriage. The glow of happiness follows us out of the restaurant and continues as we head for home.

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glynis said...

You are full of wonderfully romantic ideas today, aren't you?? :) That sounds delightful!