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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Because

Blog prompt: Today is Just Because Day. What will you do today just because?

Today I’m going to help my friend who is a middle school teacher just because she needs me. I’ve been really missing the classroom and all the excitement that happens at the beginning of the year. This homesickness for school didn’t hit me last year but maybe because it was my first time in retirement. Plus this year I am more connected with educators online and doing workshops that I hear more about school. When I heard my friend all upset and frustrated about all that she had to do, I practically begged her to let me come help her. She is really great and hadn’t wanted to impose on our friendship but she sounded glad I was coming. I even promised not to talk during the whole time I was there so she could get work done during her planning. I used to hate when volunteers came and expected me to visit with them which really defeated the purpose of having a volunteer.


glynis said...

Have a great time! And it's a good thing that you love the classroom so proves you are a born teacher :)

Tammy said...

You will be the best kind of helper. I know your friend will truely appreciate the help.