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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are Women Equal to Men?

Blog Prompt: Yesterday was Women’s Equality Day. Do you think women are equal? Why or why?

No I do not think women are equal to men and never will be.

Physically I don’t think God ever intended them to be. Men can’t have babies and women will never be able to do some things men do. I believe we were meant to be this way in order for our species to survive.

Emotionally I don’t think we are because women are just more emotional than men but again I think that we are meant to be that way. Our children need the strength of a father (or father figure) to learn to get through tough times, and the softness of a mother (or mother figure) to learn compassion and empathy. Together, we become a unique member of society.

Intellectually I think we are but a lot depends on what kind of education we all are given, what kind of environment we grow up in, and what kind of support system we have. Whether we choose to use our intellect is totally up to us.


glynis said...

So interesting how all of us answered this question so similarly. Great prompt and a fantastic post from you!

Smirking Cat said...

Isn't this actually commentary on the value placed on "typical" traits of women vs. men instead of whether women are equal to men? I absolutely believe women and men should be valued equally, even if their general traits, behaviors, etc. are different. I do believe men and women are intended to balance each other out, but their differences do not elevate one over the other. I believe the very reason there is a lack of harmony is the persistent undermining of one vs. the other.