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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inventors Day

weight Blog Prompt - Today is Inventors Day. Is there an invention out there that you know you could sell?

I would invent a machine that would exercise my muscles while I sleep that would burn off enough calories so that I could lose weight. I could plug in the amount of weight I want to lose and while I sleep, my muscles would be working away. Yet, I would wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, not sore, and energized. I think if I invented that, I would have no trouble getting people to buy it!

On a different note, I went to a knitting workshop last weekend and learned how to do fair isle. This is my first attempt and I think the snowflake headband came out pretty good. I will be working on a hat for myself tomorrow for the Ravelympics on Ravelry.


Original image: 'I lose water weight during the week and gain back over the weekend' by: Victoria


Tammy said...

*makes mental note to buy Pat's new invention* I love that idea and oh boy wouldn't it sell big time.

I love what you are knitting. I only learned how to do the basic stuff, but your headband is really neat. I could use one of those this week and next. We are suppose to have freezing rain tonight. Can you believe it?

Beachcomber said...

That is a cool idea! Nice headband. I haven't tried fair isle knitting yet. I have been seeing Ravelympics what is it?

loonyhiker said...

On Ravelry, you decide to compete in Ravelympics during the Olympics. This involves doing a project in one of the listed events and getting it done by the end of the Olympics. "Medals" will be given to all of those who complete a project.