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Thursday, February 25, 2010


carnival4 Blog Prompt - Today is Carnival Day. Do you love or hate to go to carnivals?

I love carnivals! Of course I didn’t go to them until after I was married and had children. I am fascinated by all the lights and the excitement in the air. I love the smells of all the different foods as their aromas drift by my nose. I love the laughter in the air from all the children who are also thrilled with all the sights and sounds. I love to hear the booth operators calling to people passing by in order to entice them to visit their booths. I love the sound of the bell as young men hit a spot with a hammer to show how strong they are. I love to watch young couples as they walk with hearts in their eyes. I love to taste the hot dogs and the cotton candy and the popcorn. I love to observe the ride handlers and see how they dress and what they look like. I try to imagine what life is like traveling with a carnival. Yes, as you can tell, I love carnivals!

Original image: 'Dusk' by: Julie Falk

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Biffylady said...

I, too, love carnivals! And, not surprising, for all the same reasons you posted. Again...genius minds! lol