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Monday, February 22, 2010

Be Humble

humble Blog Prompt - Today is Be Humble Day. What is most humbling in your life.

This was a great prompt because it has me thinking pretty hard. I’m not sure that there is just one thing in my life that humbles me but there are many things that make up my life that truly humbles me. When I think about the many good things in my life, I wonder why I deserve all these things. My life is filled with love and laughter. All this love and laughter comes from my family and friends (real and online) who surround me with this warmth. Without this, I would become cold, bitter, and die like a piece of dried up fruit. When times get rough, I remind myself that I am loved and I will get through the tough times. When times are great, I remind myself to give thanks for these moments. I guess the most humbling thing in my life is actually my life and I’m truly thankful that I am alive.

Original image: 'Venustas' by: Andrew Beebe

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