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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Currency Day

cash Blog Prompt - Today is Currency Day. It was introduced to the US in 1862 by President Lincoln. Do you carry much cash around with you or do you prefer to use a credit or debit card?

I hate to carry cash and I love my credit card. My husband is always fussing at me because I don’t carry cash with me so I have a stash of emergency cash that I hide but I never use. Then when he asks me if I have cash with me, I am able to tell him that I do. It is so much easier for me to pull out my credit card and use it. Then once a month I pay off the entire balance so we don’t pay any interest. I use my card for everything including gas and groceries so I know how much to set aside in our budget to pay the bill. We don’t buy many extra things so our budget amount is usually the same each month. By using my credit card, I don’t have to worry about loose change or digging out cash. On the opposite side, my husband never uses his credit card and only uses cash.

Original image: 'Dreams...' by: Noah Coffey


Tammy said...

I hardly ever carry cash either now Pat. I love my Debit Card and I think the only time we pay with cash it when we go out to eat. I don't like the idea of someone taking my card with them and bring it back. Never know what information they are getting off of it.

Stephanie said...

We are mixed. I use the credit card for most purchases, but we are like Tammy, and try not to use it at restaurants, or anywhere where someone has to go where I cannot see them to process it.

Biffylady said...

Sounds like we think alike! I have to admire the ease in using my CC/DC, but as I said, more and more place are not accepting CC/DC due to the high fees they're being forced to pay now.