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Monday, February 15, 2010

A Day Off From Work

Cleaning Blog Prompt - Today is Presidents Day and a holiday for most. Tell me what you would do on a day off from work.

Since I am retired, every day is a day off from work. Yet, I have certain routines that I have developed for specific days of the week. I do a certain household chore on a certain day instead of trying to do them all at one time. This has really worked for me. I also like to go weekly grocery shopping on Monday mornings since I have the menu for the week planned out. In the mornings I like to walk on the treadmill for an hour and then spend a couple of hours reading the blogs in my Google Reader and responding to emails. I also have certain days where I work on blog posts for my Successful Teaching blog. When the weather clears up and gets warmer, I plan to spend a couple of hours in the morning working in my gardens. It feels like I am busier now that I’ve retired than when I worked!

So, if I had a day off from “work”, I would visit with friends and knit during our visit. Of course, the visit would involve lots of food too!

Original image: 'Whilst Most Daleks Are Out Conquering The Universe, Someone Has To Stay Behind To Do The Housework'
by: Alan

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Stephanie said...

I agree that I am busier now than when I held a "full-time" job. Kind of crazy, huh? I'm even busier than when we lived in France where everything took longer. By the way, when you get tired of your gardens (like that will happen, right?), you could come landscape my yard. :)