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Friday, July 31, 2009

Mutt's Day

Blog prompt: Today is Mutt’s Day. Do you prefer a mutt or a purebred animal? Why?

It really doesn’t matter to me whether a dog is mutt or purebred. I think the personality of a dog and whether I like it or not is more important than its breeding. I grew up with purebred german shepherds and we had a purebred chow so I’ve never had a mutt. I didn’t have any say about the dogs I grew up with and my husband surprised me with the chow so I didn’t have a say in that either. We don’t have any pets now but if I ever got another pet, I would probably go to the humane society and find a pet there.

Original image: 'Molly the cutiest' by: Per Ola Wiberg

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Tink said...

Love the picture. Pan isn't a dog person so we haven't had any since we have been married. He bought me a purebred persian after we married and we had her for nearly 15 years before she expired. Now we have the "mutt" that the bomb almost ran over. He drives me nuts. He is more like a dog than a cat and has to be in the middle of everything.