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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Festival, Tires, and Sandals

Yesterday we woke up with all intentions of going to the Bele Chere festival in Asheville, NC. While waiting for my hubby to wake up, I did some gardening, got some tomatoes from a friend, played on my computer, and then made lots of noise until he finally got out of bed. Then he decided that since we were just told (while getting an oil change) that the steel belt was showing in our tires, we shouldn’t travel far until we got new tires. We priced some tires online and then went to a couple of tire stores. Finally we decided we would go back to Walmart where we bought the tires and see if they would prorate them since they wore out after 40,000 miles and should have lasted for 60,000. They were wonderful there and we had no problems so we finally got new tires!

By this time it was really too late to enjoy the festival but there were 3 stores in Asheville that I wanted to go to. I was looking for a new pair of Teva sandals and I can only find them in outdoor stores. So, we went sandal hunting and had a great time. We got back in time to water my neighbor’s sod because she had emergency surgery right after she put a lot of sod down so we decided to surprise her and water the sod every evening.

Today we got up early, went out for breakfast and hit the flea market. After a short time at the flea market we finally went to the Bele Chere festival! It was a lot of fun because I love seeing all the arts and crafts, the children, and feeling the excitement in the air. There was also lots of music at the different stages. We only had to pay $5 to park and the festival was free. After the festival, we continued our hunt for my sandals. We went to four stores but no one had the sandals I wanted in my size. I was told that no one would have them anywhere. Finally, back at home, I found my sandals in the store that I usually don’t go to.

When we got home, we had time for dinner and watering the sod. So far, it has been a wonderful weekend!

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Tink said...

Sounds like a heavenly weekend. Wish I was there with you instead of here trying to clean out the kids toys and clothes and get them packed up.