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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hot Dogs

Blog Prompt: Today is National Hot Dog Day. How do you like to eat your hot dog? What do you put on it? Make us all hungry as you describe the perfect hot dog.

I’m not huge fan of hot dogs but my hubby likes them so we eat them. I will eat hot dogs with relish/sweet pickle cubes on them or with sauerkraut on them. If either of those choices is not available, I will eat it plain. I am allergic to mustard and I don’t like messy chili on it but my husband will eat it with everything on it and the messier, the better!


Tammy said...

Our husbands are a lot alike when it comes to eating. hehehe

Tink said...

Yum, Sauerkraut. Love the stuff. :) Although I sometimes like mine with chili & cheese, too.