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Thursday, July 02, 2009


Blog Prompt: Today is I Forgot Day. What is something you forgot and how did you solve the problem?

I am always forgetting something. In fact we used to joke about not locking the door when we go somewhere because we would be back quickly to get whatever I forgot. Now I make it a game when we travel to try to figure out what I have forgotten.

One December when we were visiting my parents, we decided to take them to Key West for the weekend. When we arrived at the hotel and unpacked the car, I asked my husband where my suitcase was. He looked around and asked me if I packed it. I told him that I had put it right beside him in the driveway to put it in the trunk. We looked everywhere and didn’t find it. Instead of being upset, we bought me a new bathing suit, some underwear, and a change of clothes. When we returned to the house 2 days later, there was my suitcase, sitting lonely in the driveway!

Original image: 'Reminder'


Glynis said...

That's a great story and it says something about your neighborhood that you could leave it for two days and still find it sitting where you left it!

Tammy said...

Now thats funny and you got new clothes too. Glad your suitcase was still there.

Tink said...

ROFL.... Around here the suitcase and all the clothes would be long gone. But look at the new clothes. (and you didn't forget it, lol)