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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cow Appreciation Day

Blog Prompt: Today is Cow Appreciation Day. Tell why you appreciate a cow today.

The reason I appreciate cows are that I love to eat beef. I love my steaks medium rare and tasty. When we go on the cruises, I practically have some kind of beef every night. I think beef is my favorite kind of meat. I love hamburger steaks for breakfast and hamburgers for lunch and juicy steaks for dinner.

Original image: 'Mother's Day Steaks 2' by: Liz Lawley


Meg said...

Oh my goodness, how funny. When I saw this title pop up in my feed, I thought, "Mmmmmmm, steak!" When we go on road trips, I point out sheep & horses to the kids, Jason points out the rib eye and New York strip steaks!

Tink said...

Should have commented before reading Meg's comment. Now I can't stop laughing. LOL.