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Friday, July 24, 2009


Blog Prompt: Today is Cousin’s Day. Tell about something you remember doing with your cousins either recently or when you were a young child.

I remember spending one summer night at my cousins’ house and all of them were much older than me. I think I was the younger cousin in the whole family. All of them worked during the day so I spent the day with my aunt who did not speak any English and I didn’t speak any Chinese, but that is okay because the sound of the ice cream truck was a universal language. After dinner that night my cousins (I think there were 4 of them) took me to see their friends and I remember walking around New York city with them. I felt so grown up and included. I also remember that they didn’t treat me like a child and talked to me like an adult. I will always remember the lights of the city around me and the wonderful feeling I had being with them.

Original image: 'Jump! (explored!)' by: Taylor McBride


elaine cantrell said...

My cousin used to spend the night with me every Saturday night. We never went to bed before the middle of the night. We giggled and talked, but we also did things like get up and cook eggs. She died at thirty two, and I still miss her.

Tammy said...

Don't you love those memories. I have always been the oldest, so I didn't have anyone to make me feel grown up.

Tink said...

How wonderful that they treated you as one of them instead of neglecting you because you were younger. Special people.

Glynis said...

Such a great memory!