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Monday, July 20, 2009

Moon Day

Blog Prompt: Today is Moon Day. Would you want to walk on the moon and why or why not?

I am not adventurous enough to want to leave this planet. It is hard enough for me to get on a plane and I’m anxious until I land. Even the thought of going to the moon gives me the creeps. I’m glad there are other people who want to do that and I would gladly let them go in my place. I really don’t like to be a pioneer when it comes to going where “no man has ever gone before.” I would not have done well as a settler moving out west or even as an explorer seeking new worlds. Even with all the traveling we do, I leave the planning and the deciding up to my husband. Of course I will give him a list of the places I want to go to and he fits that in to our travels but if he wasn’t with me, I would probably never leave home.

Original image: 'The Moon' by: P├ętur Gauti Valgeirsson

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Tink said...

I'll take your seat on the next shuttle, LOL.