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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sugar Cookies

Blog Prompt: Today is National Sugar Cookie Day. Do you have a sugar cookie memory that stands out? Please share it with us.

When I was growing up, my mother and sisters and I would make Christmas cookies every year. We used a cookie press that I still have and cherish. We made green cookies in the shapes of Christmas trees and wreaths. We also made red cookies in Santa shapes, whirl shapes, and candy canes. We made plain cookies in other shapes. All of the cookies were decorated with sprinkles and other fancy items. I remember giving lots of them away because we made batches and batches of these cookies. I continued this tradition with my own daughters as they were growing up.

Original image: 'Cookies' by: Jill Matsuyama


Nafeesa said...

oh! you know, my grandma had a cookie press too and I completely forgot until I read your post. Thank you for the memory flashback!

Anonymous said...

I continue to make Christmas cookies. They just dont turn out like the ones we made lol.

Tink said...

Had a cookie press when growing up and have no idea who ended up with it or if it is still with my mom. One of these days, I need to make some sugar cookies. Best be soon though since the kids are leaving in two weeks.