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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Blog Prompt: Today is Veterans Day. Please explain what this day means to you and if you have a layout, we would love to see it

I have had many family members who have served in the military and I appreciate them and all of the others who have served to keep me safe. My father served in WWII, my husband, brother in law, and cousins served during Vietnam. I’ve had friends who served during Aghanistan and friend’s children who are in the service now. My aunt and my husband’s uncle both retired from the military. I’m so grateful to people who are willing to sacrifice for me and can never tell them enough how much it means to me. I’m so glad that we have this day to honor all of the people who have served in the military and protected my country.

Original image: 'Veterans Memorial' these hands are just too shaky to hold

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Tammy said...

Thank God for all of these brave souls!!