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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Florida 11/19/08

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately but we are now in FL with my dad and stepmom. We are celebrating an early Thanksgiving before we leave on our 3 cruises. The cool weather has hit here and my dad has turned on the heat which is fine except he has it up to 75 and the heat and my hot flashes are killing me! We have helped them do some stuff around the house and put up their Christmas lights (visions of Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation is looming in my thoughts!). Today we are trimming hedges and cutting tree limbs. Yesterday we went to The Isles Casino and after a day of slot machines, I came out with $20 more than I started with so I was happy. We have really enjoyed visiting and catching up with lots of news.


glynis said...

Sounds like fun...and THREE cruises? Aren't we quite the world travelers ;) Have a great time !

Tammy said...

I can't believe this cold Florida weather so early. My pointsettas outside are suffering and my azeleas are blooming. I have my head on too, but at 70 degrees. I love Chevy's Christmas movie. So funny!! You will have to take a picture after all the lights are up. Have a great time here in Florida Pat

Meg said...

Oh goodness, no hot flashes here, but I think I would have problems with 75 inside! My parents do the same though, and wonder why I always have short sleeves on in the middle of winter!

Have a WONDERFUL time both with your family and then on your many cruises!!