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Monday, November 24, 2008

Carnival Miracle 11/23/08

Yesterday was a day at sea again and we had a glorious day. I got up early enough to eat two breakfasts. I had two bowls of cereal before Don woke up and then a omelet and bacon after he joined me for breakfast. Then at 9:30 we went to Arts and Crafts again and made sun visors. With glitter glue, we decorated the visors and enjoyed visiting with others. Next went outside since it was sunny and I sat out in the sun while Don walked laps around the ship until lunchtime. After lunch we walked around the ship some more and then went back to our cabin for a power nap. At 2:15 I went to the lounge for Saturday Night Fever Dance lessons. I had fun but I danced terribly! After dancing we went for a tea party. I had never seen that many people attend the tea before and they actually had to open up another room. The crew handled themselves very professionally although many adult passengers behaved atrociously. Rather than waiting to be served (which is the way it is done), people crowded the carts and started taking things off like it was a buffet table. One man filled his plate almost a foot high with pastries! In fact, the people looked like piranhas in a feeding frenzy. After tea, we walked laps around the ship for about 30 minutes before returning to the cabin to get ready for dinner. The show for late seating was before dinner because after dinner there was the adult night comedy show. I really enjoy the comedy shows but Don got deathly ill as soon as we left dinner but we don’t know what he ate that made him sick. We ended up leaving the theater before the comedy show started and he spent a lovely evening hugging the commode.

Today we are going to be out and about St. Maarten. We will probably spend the day on the beach and maybe walking around the town. We really like this island and have picked out our favorite beach spot and lunch spot. I just hope Don feels better and is able to enjoy the island. I know he will want to go even if he doesn’t feel great because he doesn’t want me to miss anything but I’d be content to stay onboard if he doesn’t feel well. Since he wasn’t up all night being sick, I’m sure he will feel weak this morning but hopefully not sick. I’ll let you know tomorrow how today went.


Stephanie said...

I hope you were able to have an enjoyable day, and that Don is feeling better. What a bummer for both of you.

Beachcomber said...

Oh poor Don. I hope he is feeling better. It is not much fun to be on a ship and having to be near the bathroom.