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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Carnival Miracle 11/22/08

We boarded the Carnival Miracle yesterday and I was so excited! We went to check out our dining table and the maitre‘d was our favorite guy, Miguel from South Africa. He is the best maitre‘d in the whole fleet. He changed out table from a table of 4 to a table for 6 and we really enjoy our table mates. There is Ron (truck driver) and Sandra (RN) from Nashville, TN and Pat (Ga. DOT) and Donna (accountant) from Atlanta. I think we will enjoy having dinner with them each night.

At 2:30, we met at the Orpheus Bar with other people that I had met on Cruise Critic. It was great putting faces to names. Plus it is fun when we see them around the ship and get to talk to them.

Our room is really nice. We have an ocean view room with an obstructed view but we don’t really care because we aren’t in the room much. I still can open the curtains and look around the lifeboat to see the ocean. When we embarked, I gave them the room number that was printed on my luggage tags (which came from Carnival) but they had changed our rooms. So, we had to hunt for our luggage at the room that would have been ours and we found all of them. Everything arrived in one piece so I was happy because they were outrageously heavy.

At 10:30pm, they had the Welcome Aboard show and there was a comedian that was pretty funny. He will have an adult night comedy show soon and I guess I’ll have to take a nap in the afternoon so I can stay awake for that (Getting up at 5am makes me sleepy around 10pm)

Today is a Sea Day which means I will probably lie around in a lawn chair and read, listen to my Ipod, or knit. Well, I’ll be doing that when I’m not eating of course!

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Beachcomber said...

I went on a cruise on a Carnival ship many moons ago. I went with my Mom and Grandmother to Mexico. It was our first cruise. On the way back home from Mexico we ran into a storm and I was so seasick I missed the farewell dinner. The ship felt like it was skimming the bottom of the ocean.

We had a room that was in the lower part of the ship so we felt it more. On our next cruise we got a room higher up. :)