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Friday, November 07, 2008

Taking a Bath

Blog Prompt - I do/do not like to take a bath because...

I do like to take a bath because I find it relaxing. Of course now that we have a hot tub, I can soak in the hot tub with my hubby and a nice drink and watch our big screen TV. One year it snowed and we sat in our hot tub and watched it snow through our windows. I really like to get in the tub because in the winter I am always cold and that is one way that I warm up and stay warm for awhile after I get out. Of course for every day bathing and after the hot tub, it is the shower for me.

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glynis said...

Sounds so relaxing! You're making me jealous. We had no heat in our house for most of yesterday because of a blizzard and a hot tub would have been perfect!