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Friday, November 21, 2008

Florida 11/20/08

It is finally here – the day we leave for the first of our three cruises. It took forever to pack yesterday. We filled our luggage with some beverages for all three cruises to save money. I can’t live without my diet pepsi so there are 36 bottles to last 29 days. I also have 3 boxes of Chardonnay (one for each cruise) and 2 bottles of vodka for Don’s martinis. The diet pepsi is allowed but I hope they don’t see the liquor and wine or it will be taken until the end of the cruise. Of course all these liquids weigh a ton along with all of our clothes and snorkeling gear. Luckily we didn’t have to pack too much clothes because we are at the VIP level with Carnival and they do our laundry for free. The next time I am writing will be aboard the ship! I hope the weather warms up because I’m not in shorts yet, but Don has been since we arrived. I’ll be thinking of all my family and friends in the cold as we swim in the Caribbean! (not that I would rub it in of course!)

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