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Thursday, November 27, 2008

St. Kitts 11/26/08

It was a beautiful day in St. Kitts. The sun was shining and it was hot! We got off the ship (Carnival Miracle) after breakfast and walked around the town. We stopped to look in this wonderful looking church to find a group of children practicing steel drums for some event. I’m not sure what event it was for but it sounded beautiful. I looked in some of the restaurants and decided that we would be better off eating lunch back on the ship so we went back for lunch. After lunch we went back into town and walked around. We found the little fabric shop where we bought hand painted postcards last year and the artist/owner was still there. In fact, she remembered that we bought them and had her sign them. Again we bought some more and asked her to sign and date them. I even found a store that sold school supplies, school textbooks, and school uniforms. It was interesting to look at the textbooks and see what they were being taught in school. We also got to see street dancers wearing bright outfits which were exciting to watch. After we had seen all that we could see, we returned to the ship to eat some more (are you seeing a pattern to this yet? Eat and walk and eat some more!). At 5:15 we had a past guest cocktail party to go to and then dinner at 8:15. After the cocktail party, we went by our cabin and I received a phone call that the Captain invited us to take a tour of the bridge the next day so I’m really thrilled! I have never done this before so we are really honored that he invited us. Captain Volpi is a really personable captain and we see him wondering the ship asking guests if they are enjoying themselves. At the cocktail party he was teasing the crew on stage and was really funny. One lady won a certificate to the special restaurant, Nick and Nora’s but he first told her that she won a free excursion of “swimming with the dolphins” the next day (which is a sea day not a port day) and that a life vest was included free of charge. Then he wouldn’t give the microphone back to the crew member who chased him up the aisle begging for the mike and instead he asked people questions as he moved up the aisle. It is so nice to see captains who are this way! At 10:30 there was one main show which is like a talent show but I was exhausted so we didn’t go. These next two days are days at sea as we head for home.

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Stephani said...

Oh my goodness... I am so so jealous. I wish I was there with you! WOW! What a great trip. I have so enjoyed reading every single one of your updates each day. In fact I look forward to your new posts.

Thank you so very much for commenting on my blog so faithfully and encouraging me. It means more to me then you will ever know.