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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Toilet Paper Issue

Blog Prompt: Light-hearted or serious, take a "controversial" issue and argue your point of view. Extra points if you argue both sides!

Issue: Should Toilet Paper roll over or under on the holder?

My point of view: Toilet paper should roll over on the holder. It is easier to get and looks neater. This is the proper way that toilet paper should be positioned on the holder. If I see it put on the wrong way in my house, I need to change it immediately. But if it is different in someone else’s house, I do not feel the need to change it.

Other side: Toilet paper doesn’t unravel if it is put on this way. It looks neater. Also, who really cares how it is placed on the holder.

Photo credit: toilet paper by lkue


glynis said...

You totally make me laugh, girl! I'm on over-the-holder roller myself :)

Beachcomber said...

I prefer the toilet paper to roll over on the holder. If it is wrong at my house, I change it, too.