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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Feelings about Flying

Blog prompt: Today in History: In 1954, the first Boeing 707 flew. How do you feel about flying?

I used to enjoy flying because I could read, do cross stitch, and get somewhere far really fast. We also had a lot of frequent flyer points from our credit card use. Now I’m not so thrilled with flying because of the cost, and the hassle. I try to carry very little on board so I don’t get the big search at security. For some reason I am always the random person they search. Also the last time we were on a plane, I got freaked out by a situation and we haven’t been on a plane since.

We were leaving Washington DC to come back home to Greenville, SC and the plane was pretty empty. Chris Dodd recently announced his plan to run for President of the US and he was on our plane. As the flight attendant shut the plane door, this lady began to yell and scream that her luggage was not on board. After much loud discussion and a description of the luggage, the flight attendant made a few phone calls. This woman started to use profanity and yell that we would not leave until her luggage was on board. About this time, I start getting a little anxious and then my loving hubby says to me in a low voice, “If they remove her from this plane, we are getting off too. What if she put something on this plane and doesn’t want to be on here with it when it blows up!” Now I’m very anxious and practically hyperventilate at the thought. What if she was an assassin to take out a possible presidential candidate? The flight attendant finally tells her that her luggage was put on board and we take off. The plane ride was tense and quiet for the entire trip. I kept waiting for us to blow up and couldn’t read or focus on anything. Finally we arrived at the airport without any incident and I was so relieved to get off that plane. When we arrived at the baggage claim at the same time she did, there were unfriendly and unhappy men in suits waiting for her. The best thing I heard was that her luggage never did arrive because it was never put on the plane! I didn’t stick around to see if she went berserk though in case any guns were fired!

Now we drive our Toyota Prius everywhere. The cost is much cheaper, less hassles, and less anxiety!


Tammy said...

oh man!!!! I would've been very nervious too!! I like to drive places too, but it makes my hinny hurt from sitting too long.

Chellie said...

See, reading this helped me not at all LOL. I as well as my hubby and our 2 sons are suppose to be FLYING to Seattle, WA. It's looks like we may not be going due to other things but man, reading your post sure is an eye opener.

heather said...

WHat an awful experience! I guess one problem with a plane is that it can't just stop and let a person off, so you're stuck there.

glynis said...

That sounds terrible! My husband always wants to drive, since he hates being on someone else's schedule, so I've gotten to really enjoy road trips. And after a story like that...who wants to fly?

mom2triplets04 said...

Wow that is scarey. I haven't been on a plane since a month after 9/11 when I went to Vegas with my mom and grandma. The entire time my grandmother is holding her rosary beads praying that we didn't get hijacked or crash. Don't know when I will be on a plane again. my husband doesn't want to take the kids on one.