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Monday, July 14, 2008

Colors of My Week

Blog Prompt: Describe each day of the week using colors and/or sounds.

A lot depends on the kind of day I’m anticipating or how the day turns out. The color of my day can change if something good or bad happens. Otherwise I would say most of my days are a pretty shade of blue, which is my favorite color. Since retiring, I have developed a routine during the week days and know what shows are on TV and have a schedule all set out for me. I think that is what I liked about teaching because I had a schedule to follow each day. Weekends are usually gray for me because I have no routine schedule and I usually feel anxious. If something good happens during the day, my day turns to a brighter happier shade of blue but if something bad happens, my day can turn to black. Mondays may involve a sunny yellow with my blue because it is bright and happy. If I get to go hiking on Wednesdays, my day would be sunny yellow, bright blue, and a happy green. I don’t usually have many brown (bad), or black (horrible) days so when they hit, it is usually a really bad bad day.

Today we worked on our porch which has been a long and labor intensive project. Part of the reason has been because my husband has been sick so much that we can only work on it when he is feeling well. Today the doctor called and told us that the blood work from Friday shows that he has thyroid problems and will need to take some medicine. Thank goodness we finally know the cause of his misery. After looking up the symptoms, it seems he has a classic case and seems pretty easy to treat. I’m so relieved to know something. Of course, my hubby hates that he will have to take medicine because he hates taking anything. I told him that it was better than finding out he has diabetes (which his whole family has) or emphysema (from many years of smoking but hasn’t smoked in 13 years). I guess today was a blue, brown, getting bluer day.

Photo credit: full spectrum by mdezemery


Tink said...

I am so glad to hear that dh has something that is treatable. I can imagine what the two of you have been going through waiting on the results. :0 And wouldn't you know, I left the color out of mine. I had a mindset that it was sights and sounds. Go figure LOL

glynis said...

I'm with Tink. It's good to find out what's going on and it's great that it's easy to treat. Loved your post about color.

heather said...

Hope your hubby starts to feel better soon. Blue must be your favourite colour!?