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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

At the Movies

Blog Prompt: With The Dark Knight setting box office records this weekend, tell us about the first movie you saw in the theater (or another movie theater story you have).

Unfortunately I can’t remember the first movie I ever saw because it was so long ago. But I can tell you about an experience in the movie theater where I kind of embarrassed my husband. We usually go to matinees because they are cheaper than at night but of course there are usually a lot of children there too on the weekends and in the summer. This happened to be a summer afternoon when we went to see some PG or G rated movie and it was pretty crowded in the theater. There were three little girls about 7 years old sitting next to me and right before the movie began, the girl right next to me kept pulling up the arm rest we shared and banging it down. I asked her to stop doing that because it was annoying and she replied that I was not her mama and she wouldn’t stop. At that point, I leaned down in her face and told her I knew I wasn’t because if I was I would teach her how to behave in public. Then I told her that if she didn’t stop, I would follow her when she left until I found the adult in charge of her and tell how badly behaved she was. I guess that did it because she whispered to her friends and they got up and moved. My husband said later that I had put my teacher voice on and not only did I get those girls quiet but I also got all the children around us to settle down and behave because no one said another word until the movie was over.

Photo credit: century theater’s by pbo31


GabbyGee1976 said...

ROFL - Great story. I got a good laugh :)

Anonymous said...

Good job. It was needed. Some of these children really be acting up in public.

glynis said...

You are TOTALLY coming with me the next time I go to the movies! Way to go!

heather said...

LOL That is such a funny story, I love it Pat! I have never used my 'teacher voice' in public, but I like to use the 'teacher look' in shopping centres and that seems to work quite well lol

Stephanie said...

Love the story. I'd love to know where the responsible adult was at the time. Why were young children allowed to be alone in a movie theater?! Maybe I am too paranoid, but I think it is good that you were paying attention to those girls.