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Monday, July 28, 2008

Books in My Life

Blog Prompt: In honor of Beatrix Potter's birthday, tell us about some of the books (as a child and an adult) that you have loved over the years.

I have loved all the Harry Potter books (and movies) and now I’ve started on the Charlie Bone books. They are kind of like Harry Potter, just a little different and watered down. I also like to read the Caldecott Medal books to see why they won the award. I have to admit that I’m addicted to reading and have been since I was able to read. I love to read when I’m eating or when I’m bored or when I’m traveling and I have to read before I go to sleep or I can’t go to sleep. I have started to list all the books I’ve read or planning to read on Shelfari (I’m loonyhiker on Shelfari).

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glynis said...

I've been using to list my books, but it seems most of my friends use Shelfari. I may have to do both!!