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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Olympics

Blog prompt: On this date in 1932, the Olympic games opened in Los Angeles. They'll start next week again in Beijing. How do you feel about the Olympics?

I remember when the Olympics were in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996 and we were so excited. My friend and her family were getting tickets and wanted my hubby and me to join them. So after a bunch of arranging, we got tickets to 3 different events. On July 26, 1996, we took the train from Greenville, South Carolina where we live to the beginning/end of the Marta (train) line to Atlanta. This way we didn’t have to try to find a parking space in all the crowds and it was much cheaper this way. It was a wonderful and exciting day. We even went to Centennial Olympic Park which had the world famous Fountain of Rings where water shoots out of the ground like it is dancing. The scariest thing was finding out that the very next day there was a bombing right in that park where we all stood and played. For some reason, that memory stands out stronger than any of the events of the Olympics.

I would love to see the Olympics in Beijing but the older we get, the more my husband and I hate fighting the crowds and the traffic so we will be content to watching it on TV.

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glynis said...

How exciting that you got to be there! But I'm glad you weren't there for the scary!!