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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Road Trip Food

Blog prompt: Do you have a favorite snack to eat on a road trip?

I like to eat salty foods on a road trip. They can be pretzels, chips (I’ve been eating salt and black pepper chips lately), or sunflower seeds. My problem is that I don’t drink enough all day long and especially if we are on a road trip so we bring a cooler of diet pepsi for me and as long as I’m eating salty stuff, I’ll drink. I’m so picky that I really don’t like water and especially if it gets warm so that is why I need a cooler of soda.
Photo credit: Cape-cod by I.M. Bitter


Stephanie said...

I found the French version of malted milk balls, and LOVE them! I can only eat a few though because they are very rich. Am I am like you - I don't drink enough while we travel. My issue has to do with public bathrooms though. Hate to stop. I need a little plastic potty in the back of the car like we carry for the girls! :)

heather said...

I love salty foods too, esp chips.

Tammy said...

OH man.....I love chips too!! Way too much. your new avatar

glynis said...

I tend to dehydrate myself on trips too, 'cause I hate public restrooms!

mom2triplets04 said...

You are making me crave chips. My favorite snacks are chips and guess what? I did not purchase any on my fast shopping trip with the kids today because I was in a rush. I too love soda but I'm a diet coke person. Unfortuantely, do not like pepsi at all. But I will drink water but only if it is really cold.