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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Blog Prompt: You'll be on your honor today! Set the timer for one minute and write as much as you can about the following word: secret.

I don’t like secrets. I don’t like to keep them and I don’t like when people keep secrets from me. I really can’t keep secrets from my husband at all. If I have a present for him, I have to give it to him as soon as I can because keeping a secret practically kills me. I feel like keeping secrets from him is not being honest.

Photo credit: whisper, 2005 by Dr John2005

Off topic: I had a scare today. I couldn’t get my spacebar to work. I had to open up the onscreen keyboard for disabled people. Then I googled it and twittered ( it and plurked ( it, but couldn’t get it fixed. I was told to shake the laptop but not too hard. I was told to go buy a can of air, but I couldn’t because I’m waiting for the DirecTV man to come upgrade our receivers. I was feeling desperate and upset. Finally out of frustration, I shook the laptop pretty hard and then blew all over the keyboard. Aha! Now it works. I’m so relieved!


dyanna said...

now I know where I get it lol....Like mother like daughter

Anonymous said...

LOL hey it worked. Good job.

glynis said...

LOL Who knew the space bar was so important ;)

Tammy said...

Girlllllll you are a techie and didn't know it. You don't know how many times I have fixed things doing what you did.