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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Spread Too Thin

Blog Prompt: What do you do when you find yourself overbooked? Are you someone that pushes through and collapses at the end? Cancel out selectively and give yourself breathing room? Or maybe curl up in the fetal position and cry?

I am the world's worst at telling people "No." Years ago, my hubby wanted me to practice looking in the mirror and saying no over and over. Now he says I'm good at telling him no but not everyone else. I always feel bad for people or feel that I'm not doing enough or not doing my share so I am always in the middle of doing things for other people. I spend the entire time worrying about getting something done until I finish it and then I swear to myself that I won't do this again (until the next time of course). I usually end up finishing something at the last minute and put myself through all sorts of stress. I've gotten better about saying no just because I know that I will have to face my hubby (he is sort of my conscience and my better half). I now tell people that I will think about it and come home and talk to my hubby first. If he can't come up with a good reason for not doing something or he can't talk me out of it, I will end up doing it. That is why he is my "better half!"


Stephani said...

I also have a terrible time saying no. People know this and will often guilt me into doing things if I do try and get out of something. I hate that feeling. For one thing I hate confrontation anyway so it is just easier to say yes. lol! Have a great time on your break glad you got to post this morning!

Michelle said...

i think as women we just think we should be able to do it all.... LOL! i too am getting better at the dreaded word "no". it just seems to roll off my tongue easier. but if it's stuck i do the same as you and ask hubby. he's pretty good at spotting when i will over-commit myself!

have fun on your va-ca!

karen said...

I used to be really bad at saying No too Pat. And I'd just try to find a way to do everything I was asked.
But in recent years, with an overworked diary I've learnt to change my ways. Trying to do everything for everyone usually means that you don't to as good a job as you might like to and often the importance to others is not as great as you imaginged it was. So you work your socks off, sometimes for nothing.
Now I prioritise and if something else is asked of me I review it in the light of the other things on my plate and will push back if necessary. People understand and learn to value my time more by doing this.

glynis said...

Once again, you and I sound an awful lot alike!

Pam said...

Wow, I'm finding so many who, like me, don't say no when they need to. We need to plan ahead - if we're going to be overbooked, let's find a place to get together and scrapbook! How well I understand the stress of last minute worry - but I seem to put myself up to the challenge again & again.

Meg said...

Okay, now I'm feeling guilty about asking you to take over blog prompts! Let me know if you would really rather not do this, PLEASE!! I'm looking forward to having time to get to know all of you again, I would hate to think I've helped overbook someone!