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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Free Advertising

Free Advertising!! Are there three products in your life that you just love (favorite scrapping designer? a cleaning product that does what it claims? or your favorite restaurant?)? Tell us about them! (Add links and maybe we'll decide we can't live without them either )

  1. Well of course, I would have to push Digital Scrapbook Place! ( I think I practically spend every minute outside of checking my email there. I love the freebies and the kits as well as a plethora (just love to use that word!) of challenges to choose from. I look forward to my blog prompt each day and reading everyone else's. At first I was trying to do as many challenges as I could and finally learned that I had to limit myself to about 3 a week or I'd go crazy! I also had to limit myself to $12 per week or I'd go bankrupt!
  2. Toyota Prius ( my new hybrid car. I've had it for a little over a month and I still love it. We've taken it on a couple of long trips and it is very comfortable. I average about 45-50 miles per gallon so it is very economical too.
  3. Council for Exceptional Children ( - the largest professional organization for special education teachers. I was just elected to a second term on the Board of Directors on the national level. There are state and local chapters that you belong to once you join. I've been a member since 1978 and I really feel it has helped me be a better teacher.


Stephani said...

I love your description of DSP it made me gigle. It just made me smile because I feel the EXACT same way! LOL! LOL!

Tink said...

Gosh, I'm starting to feel pretty guilty for not including DSP on my list. :) I do love; but the three I chose are higher up on my list (and you will notice I didn't include the computer.

Will have to direct Pan this way as he has been talking about buying a Prius.

And I absolutely love your third choice.

heather said...

The car looks cool Pat! Your new look blog looks great too, nice and cheery! :)

karen said...

Interested to hear your praise for the Prius Pat. I'm seriously considering it for my next car. They're a bit expensive here but will hopefully reduce a bit more in price in the next year or so.

glynis said...

What happened to the Chinese Redneck who drove a pickup?? LOL Now I have to imagine you in a little hybrid car? :) A great list, Pat!

Toni said...

Great list ... three was just not enough, I missed DSP off my list too - butit is an absolute blast, I have also had to set myself a time and dollar limit it is such an addiction!

mom2triplets04 said...

I too put DSP as my one things I can't live without and yes it's true, I too love the blogger prompts and the store I need to stay away from as I'm spending way too much there but I so do love the challenges.