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Saturday, April 14, 2007


I'm having to deal with disappointment and thought it would help if I wrote about it and then I wouldn't feel so bad.

I have a conference in Kentucky this coming Tues. through Sun. so we decided to drive up there from SC last night and do some camping and hiking. I was so pumped up about this trip. I had the car packed up on Thursday night with little odds and ends to finish on Friday. I had lists of things I needed to remember to bring and lists of things I needed to do before I left. Well, last night I packed up the remainder of things and was all set to go, when we looked at the weather report.

Since it would rain on Friday night and Saturday, we decided not to leave Friday night and leave in the morning instead. We would travel on Saturday and it should clear out on Sunday so we could go hiking and camping. So I unpacked the essentials from the car and planned on leaving in the morning.

This morning I got up early and watered all my plants (I forgot to do that yesterday) and prepared to leave. I put all the essentials back in the car. My husband meanwhile watched the weather report which changed overnight and it is going to rain all weekend. So now we decide not to leave until tomorrow (Sunday) and hike on Monday. Camping will be out since we have to be in Louisville on Tuesday. So I go out and unpack all the camping gear and the essentials.

This is turning out to be a bummer weekend. I did go out and weed the front flowerbed to help get rid of some of my frustration and disappointment. Now I will go do some scrapping to help lift my spirits. I hate whining but I couldn't help it. Thanks for listening and letting me unload!


ArcaneFaery said...

Maybe your Friday 13th was delayed!! That's horrid! I would be SO bummed if I got knocked out of camping, I love it so much! I hope the rest of the event goes as planned and goes well!

karen said...

So sorry to hear that allyour weekend plans were upset pat. But just think, in a few short weeks you'll be able to go on camping trips whenever you want without having to schedule them around weekends.
And love the new look blog. Very funky.

joannknnrd said...

I'm so sorry about yor change of plans. I've been living vicariously thru you while reading about your Smoky Mts. trip. Hopefully, something can be salvaged!