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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Skill I Wish I Had

Blog Prompt - What's one skill you've wanted but don't have?

Of course this changes as I go through different fads and phases of my life. Right now I wish I could knit like my mother could. Before she passed away, she would knit my whole family matching sweaters. She could do this without us trying anything on because she could just visualize them on us. We looked forward to our sweaters every Christmas. I just decided to learn to knit and watched how to knit on Youtube. I was so frustrated until I talked to my sister who told me that our mother knit the continental style and I was watching the other style. Once I saw the difference I was able to get my head around learning the way I watched my mother knit and it was easier. I think she tried to teach me when I was young but I was too impatient and I hated ripping things out. Now I hate ripping things out but I realize that is part of learning. I have really been practicing and found a knitting group that meets once a week at Starbucks so I feel like I have a support system now. Maybe one day, I will be able to knit a sweater.


Beth said...

Do you know what's weird?

I learned, as a child, from my mother. I haven't knitted in years. A few years ago, I started up again and am now knitting as fast as I can trying to learn as many things as I can. And I just figured out that I knit Continental, like you, and have to search for the right videos on line.

Anyway, my mom is visiting with us now. I was showing her my ribbing on the mitten I'm knitting now and she watched me and thought my knits were being done the wrong way.

I replied that my knitting comes out like it should . . . then I handed her a set of needles and some yarn and to BOTH of our shock, she knits the other way.

So I called my sister. She knits like I do! We both have NO idea how we learned to knit continental since we both remember learning from my mom!!

I've already accused her of being an alien from outer space who abducted my continental knitting mom! LOL

Can't wait to you start knitting some sweaters. I'm too scared to knit something that complicated. I'm still working on mittens and hats and scarfs!!

Beachcomber said...

My Mom tried to teach me to knit when I was younger but I got frustrated because I kept dropping the stitches. LOL So I learned how to crochet instead. A couple of years ago I got a Knitting for Dummies book and taught myself how to knit. I haven't tried knitting a sweater yet. I basically knit scarves and hats. I knit the other way.